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Your Wet Clothing Questions

Feel free to ask us any questions you have. You'll get a reply back in due course. The best questions we publish here for all to enjoy and learn.

Why are wet clothes such a turn-on?

Andreas, 18, Berlin

A lot of people enjoy wet clothing, but the reason is not yet fully understood. Some scientists think that the sensual stimulation increases Oxytocin ("happy hormone") levels, just like hugging and cuddling does. As a result you feel really good.

Anyway, it is probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Our sexy water games involve wet clothes so you can experience for yourself what amazing bliss they can provide.

I enjoy the feeling of wet clothes, but why does it give me a hard-on?

Fung, 24, Thailand

Wet clothes give you a very sensual touch all over the body if you're fully clothed. Even thinking about it may trigger an erection. You will probably enjoy the sensations a lot when you learn more about yourself. Wear loose fitting pants so you have plenty of room for a full erection. The fabric should be soft, both wet or dry.

The anticipation of getting wet in my clothes arouses me before I go canoeing or swimming. Is that normal?

Valentino, 17, Rome

Yes, this is a very healthy sign, especially at your age. Anticipation of a pleasant or sensual experience often causes an erection. Your sports involve an element of uncertainty which can add to the excitement. When boating you may not know when you get wet. Wear your erection with pride, make the other guys envious.

My erection gets in the way of my sports when my clothes get wet. What can I do?

Kevin, 18, Windsurfer and Dinghy Sailor

Ejaculate before you begin your water sport. If it happens during your sport, go for a swim or a shower in your sports clothes so you can take care of it. Consider watersports like canoeing or kayaking where an erection is less in the way and merely adds to the enjoyment. Wear loose fitting clothes. Always practice any water sports in your sports clothes. Do it at least once a week so you gain more control.

What happens if you swim with jeans on?

Joey, 16, Canberra, Australia

They get wet, and you burn more calories. You may also get a nice erection because swimming in jeans is often quite sensual. Wear roomy jeans and a T-shirt to complete the experience.

I masturbated in my unlined wet surf shorts and now have a rash on my penis. What happened?

Keola (Surfer), 19, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Some surf shorts are made of a robust polyester material that chafes on your skin and causes abraision. Put some Aloe Gel onto the affected area and all will be well soon. Don't apply too much pressure when you play.

Choose clothes made from soft cotton or nylon material to wear instead. Or you could wear soft cotton shorts under your surf shorts.

Another idea is to wear a rather long T-shirt that reaches well below your penis. Tuck it into your shorts and pull it way down so it protects your favourite toy. This will also feel softer when it gets wet.

Is it better to cum inside my clothes or outside?

Tim, 22, San Diego, USA

Try it both ways. Outside gives you a better grip and more control. You can also see your cum fly all over the place.

Inside probably feels better as it is more sensual, both wet or dry. It may also be more exciting when you shoot your cum into your clothes and feel the wet warmth on your skin. Try it first in dry clothes and then in wet clothes, to so see how it feels. Wet clothes may be more sensual.

Apart from that it makes little difference as you have to clean your clothes afterwards anyway. Sperm will go from sticky to more liquid after a few minutes. Wait that long before you go and clean up.

How can I get my friend wet in his clothes?

Angelo, 18, Napoli, Italia

Maybe he doesn't want to get his clothes wet. Dress him up in your clothes and then get wet together. See if he gets turned on by it as much as you. Most guys will love it after a while.

I want to have sex with my friend in wet clothes. What shall we wear?

Sven, 18, Stockholm, Sweden

Soft and loose fitting clothes are best to begin with. They should be big enough for a full erection. Get wet in large cotton T-shirts or your pyjamas first. Soft nylon rain ponchos can be very exciting, especially when you add a little shampoo inside and out. Then try sportswear. Get wet with your friend in different clothes and explore what feels best for you both. For more excitement swap clothes, so he gets wet in yours and you soak his.

Feedback: Thanks for your tip. We had several fun sessions in the clothes you suggested. It was all new to him and he really got excited. We started in soft cotton pyjamas which was a blast, cumming inside them under the shower. Later we had several blissful baths in rainwear. Now we're working our way through my wardrobe to see what turns us on the most. Sportswear is next. ~Sven

My friend and I often play in wet ponchos. Can we use them as condoms?

Rogelio, 19, Manila

As long as your ponchos are waterproof all should be fine, both wet or dry. Make sure you cum inside your poncho, or over the outside of your friend's poncho.

Sucking his dick wrapped in soft wet nylon is an interesting experience you may want to try. This is great wet fun and good safe sex. Don't use the clothes for penetrative sex, which should be avoided anyway.

However, over time waterproof clothes may leak. Test them in the shower by wearing a large T-shirt underneath. If it gets wet quickly, you may have a leak.

Feedback: Sucking my friend with both of us wearing soapy wet ponchos was extreme. He screamed with delight. Then we swapped and I felt this joy for the very first time. It blew my mind and a big white load into my wet poncho. Thanks for that.

Can sperm swim through jeans?

Hank, 25, Texas, USA

Sperm, which floats inside your semen, can soak through a pair of jeans. Since semen is a liquid, it can just about get through any type of clothing material, unless it is waterproof.

I have difficulty in gaining an erection under a cold shower. Is that normal?

Tom, 18, Canberra

That is a tricky question. On one hand, cold showers have always been recommended by prudish doctors to young men who felt too horny. On the other hand, some guys find colder water exciting. Maybe it is the cold water hitting your skin what distracts you. Wear two layers of clothes to reduce the cold and see if that makes a difference. Alternate between hot and cold water to condition your body. It is great fun.

I find it harder to get an erection and reach orgasm when I am standing up, such as in the shower.

Patrick, 29, Toronto

It all depends on what you focus on. Standing up in the shower may require a bit more attention. Try leaning against the wall and let the water run down your clothes. If there is enough room, sit down in the shower.

Please send in more questions.

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