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Water Bed

by Danilo from Spain

Last week I went for another sleepover to my friend Tom's home. He just got this new water bed and wanted to try it out with me. We're not gay, we just like to do things together and occasionally sleep in the same bed where we practice some erotic exercises to stay fit and healthy. It is our kind of sport.

His new king size water bed was installed in a waterproof box with a drain pipe, in case it burst or if he washed it down. The most bizarre bit was a showerhead above, which came with the waterbed.

Quick Drying Bed Sheets

The mattress and inflatable pillows were covered with a silky soft nylon. As blanket he used a quick drying sleeping bag or just a large nylon sheet.

"Why do you have nylon bed sheets?" I asked as I laid down to test the bed. It was soft and a bit wobbly as the water in the mattress gave way.

He said that he likes to sleep in wet clothes on many nights, and the nylon sheets dry very fast.

"Oh, really? I have never done that before. Don't you get cold?"

"No. The bed can be heated and the sleeping bag keeps me warm, even when wet." Tom replied. "Would you like to try it?"

I could see the excitement in his eyes and his pants. Tom knew what feels good, so I trusted him on this one and agreed.

Shower Time

Since I didn't bring a change of clothes, Tom lent me some of his sports clothes, thin baggy nylon pants and a golf windshirt, which felt really soft.

We took a fully clothed shower which was an all new experience for me. The wet clothes felt very sensual and I soon got a nice boner in the baggy pants while we washed each other with lots of shower gel.

Off to Bed

Then we went into his bed to sleep together in our wet clothes. It felt so good to snuggle up wet and warm. We really enjoyed ourselves being wet in his bed, feeling each other in wet clothes under the warm blanket. The bed sheet and pillows got soaked rather quickly.

Every now and then we put on different clothes, went for another shower and then back to bed. Wet jeans felt a bit tight in the crotch, so we tried jogging pants and pyjama bottoms with more comfy room. It was a very sensual experience.

Our Reply

You don't have to be gay to enjoy a bit of man-to-man fun. Wet clothes enhance the sensual experience, especially in a water bed with a friend. Read on this website how you can move towards even more fun. Keep it up, literally.

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