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Visit to my Parents at Home with Hikaru

The first term was full of hard work, attending lectures and seminars, reading lots of books and writing stuff. During the following holidays Hikaru and I visited my parents in the house where I grew up. They were delighted to meet him, after I told them in my emails how well we got on.

Both my parents are psychologists and run a feel good wellness spa. They've always been very understanding of my feelings and supported me while growing up. My coming out was quick and easy. When I told them that I like men and might be gay, my mum just said: "Yes, we know. It's great. Enjoy!"

My old room had been turned into a guest room with a big double bed and an en-suite bathroom. My parents decided that I share it with Hikaru, like we do at uni. They welcomed him like their own son and totally respected our privacy, which was great.


We continued our training at the local pool just around the corner. My dad knows the manager and told him of our training requirements, like swimming in clothes. When we arrived it had all been sorted and we went swimming every day in our usual sports clothes, mostly tracksuits and rainwear.

Interestingly, they sold modest swimwear for men and women, white comfy robes and matching pants. We bought a few of these suits, some in thin cotton and few in silky soft nylon. Swimming in these suits was a beautifully sensual experience, like being softly touched all over. Because they were very comfortable both wet or dry, we enjoyed them a lot in the pool and at home, as casual wear, sleepwear, and of course in the bath and shower.

Sexual Fitness Training

We continued our sexual fitness training in wet clothes. Hikaru has helped me overcome my little problem. I learned to control my arousal and not to cum as soon as the water hits my clothes. Now I can enjoy playing in wet kit much longer.

My mum knew about my little problem and that Hikaru was helping me. She gave us a big bucket for any clothes that might get wet in the night, to be put into the dryer the next morning. Usually we just wore a bit of sportswear or pyjamas in the bath or shower before we went to sleep.

However, during our stay we made a good effort not to disappoint and filled the big bucket every night with wet clothes. Whenever one of us woke up horny in the night, he woke the other and we took care of it in the bathroom or in bed. Jeans, hoodies, tracksuits, and the new modest swimsuits became part of our nightly wet sex routine.

During the day we often wore the modest swimsuits and got them wet in the showers whenever we felt like it. It helped me a lot with my little problem and mum was happy that I had a helpful friend to play with.

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