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Interview with Wet Twins

One of our psychology projects involved interviewing our fellow students. Hikaru talked to a pair of Thai twins on our corridor and I took good notes. Their nick names are Ping and Pong, because they complete each other's sentences as they take turns to talk. They study sports and psychology. One day they want to run a gay spa. Here is their story:

Almost Siamese Twins

Hikaru: "What's it like to live as twins?"

Ping: "Very intimate. We've lived in a close relationship since before we were born. Twins share a special bond that no one understands but us. Being a single, you can't imagine how close that is."

Pong: "We're almost like Siamese twins, but in separate bodies which makes sports like swimming much easier. We're from Thailand, Siam, do you get it?"

Hikaru: "Of course. How does this work out in real life?"

Pong: "Really well. We think very much alike, share the same fashion and sports, go to university together, studying the same."

Ping: "We almost live as one. We share our food, bath, bed, and boyfriends. Being gay works great for twins."

Hikaru: "Wow, that sounds amazing. Tell me more about your daily life."

Ping: "We always shared the same bed, and still do here at university."

Pong interupted: "Yes, we even asked the university housekeeping staff to take out one of the two big beds from our room so we have more space. We put a big wrestling mat there instead, for fun and parties."

Ping: "Yes, sleeping in one bed raised a few eyebrows, but it works really well for us, right?" He hugged his brother.

Pong: "We also share most clothes which saves money and is good fun."

Hikaru: "Even your underwear?"

Pong: "Yes, it's mostly sportswear anyway, like soft nylon shorts and such. We rinse it with the rest of our clothes when we share a shower in the evening. In the morning we wear our pyjamas in the shower so they are fresh for the evening."

Ping: "Just remembered, there is now a pyjama swim team who meet at 6am in the pool."

Pong: "Oh, really? Let's go tomorrow! That'll be fun."

Hikaru: "You shower together in your clothes?"

Ping: "Yes, of course, saves water and time. It's also more fun to shower together. We wash each other's hair, clothes and body to make sure we're clean for bed time."

Pong: "And then we mess around and cum in our clothes, hahaha." They both laughed at our amazement.


Hikaru: "Tell me about your swim training."

Ping: "We swim every morning here at the sports centre pool. It wakes us up and is good fun."

Hikaru: "What is your training goal? Do you do competitions?"

Ping: "No, no, that's silly. We're into survival swimming and outdoor adventures. You know, swimming in clothes and such."

Hikaru: "Interesting. What clothes do you wear for what kind of training?"

Pong: "We like variety. For endurance training, like lap swimming, we wear lycra suits, either one piece suits or tights and tops. Often we add rain clothes like ponchos and capes, or anoraks and rain pants, to make it harder, in more ways than one."

Ping: "When we take a break, we change into dry jogging suits, tracksuits, or casual clothes like jeans and hoodies. After the break we go back into the water in these clothes for resistance training."

Pong: "Swimming in clothes is the best training you can get and huge fun. But it makes us very horny, so we have to take care of that when we get back to our room."

Ping: "Yes, when we rinse the chlorine out of our clothes, ha ha."

Hikaru: "You've got a lot of nice sports clothes here. Where do you get them from?"

Ping: "We do photo modelling for a big Chinese company. They take us to exotic beaches or pools, dress us up in nice sportswear and take photos. Once we've worn the clothes, they can't be sold anymore, so we get to keep them and wear them in the water. Great, eh?"

Pong: "Next week we'll do a hiking photo shoot up in the hills with lots of rainwear. That involves rain walking, waterfalls, river crossings, and lake adventures. Maybe even some fun with the other photo models."


Hikaru: "You have wet sex with the others?"

Ping: "Sure, why not? If they go to a wet photo shoot, then they probably enjoy a good soaking and some sexy action."

Hikaru: "Are wet clothes part of your sex life?"

Pong: "Oh, yes, absolutely. We love the sensual feeling of wet cotton or nylon."

Ping: "And we love each other." He gives Pong a big kiss.

Hikaru: "What's the sex life of twins like? Do you compete for sex partners?"

Pong: "No, no. We share." He laughs and hugs his brother.

Ping: "When we feel the need for a bit adventure, we find a someone who already wears interesting swimwear or sports clothes."

Pong: "We'll flirt and tease him, tell him about threesomes and steamy fun in wet clothes. That makes him horny and then he's ours."

Hikaru: "You're very cunning. Where do you meet your partners?"

Pong: "In the pool mostly. When they see us swimming in clothes, they come and ask us why we do that. Then we lend them a red poncho and they soon get hooked. Crafty, eh?"

Ping: "Once they are fully lathered up in our bath or shower, dressed in a soapy rain suit or poncho, they keep coming back for more. We've been doing that since we've were 16 years old."

Pong: "Sven from next door often comes to play with us. He so cute and seriously into wet clothes. He's studies dance and ballet, so he usually wears a leotard, even for swimming."

Ping: "Yes, and he's well hung. But for the most part, we always have each other." He puts his hand between his brother's legs, rubbing his brother's boner inside his poncho and Lycra tights.

Hikaru: "Is Lycra not a bit tight for your boner?"

Pong: "Yes, it is as you can see. We wear Lycra mainly during foreplay and swimming, then change into baggy clothes for the real match."

Hikaru: "It looks like you're already into foreplay."

Ping: "Haha, yes, we are. It is time for our exercise. Some of our suits are very strechy when they get wet. We also have tights with a generous pouch and enough room for a massive hard-on."

Hikaru: "Do you masturbate alone or together?"

Pong: "Together, of course, every morning after swimming when we rinse our swim clothes in our bath. Masturbation is very healthy and must be done daily."

Ping: "Later in the day we have another session, usually before home work, so we can concentrate."

Pong: "And then we play before we go to sleep, so we can sleep better." They snuggle up closely to each other.

Hikaru: "How do you masturbate?"

Pong: "In wet clothes whenever possible. Sometimes we just do a dry quicky, depends on our mood."

Wet Wrestling

Ping: "Often we wrestle on our wrestling mat. That's always exciting fun. We put on our wrestling suits, get them wet in the shower and then roll around on the mat. The aim is not to pin down the partner on the mat, but to make him cum."

Pong: "The wrestling suits are very thin and stretchy, especially when wet. When you get hard, it sticks out a lot."

Ping: "Yes, the trick is to pin him in such a way that you can reach his penis and make him cum. Or you rub against him to make him cum before you do. Quite a few of the boys in this student home join us for these wet wrestling matches. We can make them cum quite quickly, but sometimes we draw it out long and tease them."

Pong: "Once a week we do tournaments. Eight boys compete. Before each match they have to take a shower together to get their wrestling suits wet. Then they roll around until one of them cums into his suit. Whoever ejaculates is out, the winner moves on the the next round. It takes about 5 to 20 minutes for the first to cum."

Ping: "The overall winner gets a special treat. We all huddle around him and slowly make him cum into his suit. Huge fun and very healthy."

They were getting visibly excited while sharing this, touching each other in their nice lycra suits and ponchos.

Hikaru: "Well, thanks for the stimulating interview. I see you're keen to get your next match going."

Ping: "Yes, it's about time for our shower. These clothes are way too dry." They got up and headed for the bathroom.

Pong: "Come and join us. Time to get your clothes wet." And so we did.

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