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University Sports Groups

Over the week the pool was used for lane swimming, training classes and watersport teams, mixed with dry tutorials in classrooms. On weekends the pool was divided into leisure swimming and boating. Anyone could join in the fun.

We always went down to the pool for hours at the weekend, picked a watercraft and played around until we were soaking wet. Then we went swimming in our boating clothes. This was a good time to try out how different clothes feel in the water. We've probably worn our entire wardrobe in the pool, all the sportswear, most casuals, and definitely all our rain clothes.

After each session we relaxed in the warm-up pool and played around with other students until we shot some white stuff. This let us study with a clear head after each pool visit.

Orientation Week

At the beginning of the academic year students were always encouraged to join several sport groups for varied training to get really fit. The student union and sports teams offered many activities we could try out. That was great fun.

Unless stated otherwise, students were asked to wear tracksuits which reduce the risk of cuts and bruises when trying out new sports. For each session we were asked to arrive in dry clothes, so we didn't drip all over the place during the introduction briefing.

This was easy, as all students were issued with five tracksuits on arrival, to be worn on campus for most lessons or activities. After studies, many students wore them in the sports hall or the pool, too lazy to get changed.

As aquaholics, Hikaru and I picked mostly those sports that involved a lot of swimming, boating, running and cycling in wet clothes. We signed up with several watersport teams, and I got reluctantly drafted into the wrestling team on my first day.

Below are our favourite sports. We visited one team a day, not all at once.


We joined the canoeing team who train in the pool three times a week. The first session was amazing. We were asked to show up on poolside in full canoeing kit, tee-shirt and running tights, nylon pants and canoeing anorak or hoodie, with socks and water shoes. I was so excited.

As warm-up at the beginning of the session we were told to swim 100 meters fully clothed. We jumped in and found that swimming in canoeing clothes was fairly easy and felt great. They are a bit baggy to allow for all the paddling moves.

Then we could choose between kayaks and canoes for capsize and rolling lessons. That was a constant in and out of the water, great fun fully clothed. Sitting in a kayak under spray cover I could hide my boner, but in the open canoes it was clearly visible that everybody was having a great time. After the session we tidied the boats away, then relaxed and talked in the warm up pool, still in our canoeing clothes.

Snorkeling and Scuba

Snorkeling in the pool was always a fun activity. It was meant to prepare us for sea exploration on our holidays.

Since the main issue for snorkeling in the sea is sunburn, we were encouraged to get used to snorkeling in hooded clothes. Another point was to stay warm in the water. You don't move fast when snorkeling and thus could get cold.

We were very curious when we showed up on poolside to learn yet another watersport. For our first session Hikaru and I dressed in baggy jeans and hoodies over a tee shirt with socks to avoid fins chafing. He loves to swim in these clothes and talked me into wearing them as well.

The instructor explained the basics of fins and snorkel and how to float on the water. Then we were sent to the showers and finally we were allowed into the pool. Hikaru was right, baggy jeans and hoodie make a comfy snorkeling outfit.

You may think that snorkeling makes your boner less visible. While this maybe true for non-snorkellers above the water, members of our group had scuba masks and could see quite well how everybody felt, but were all very cool with that and enjoyed it.

Stand-Up Paddling

We learned to stand on a board that looks a bit like a windsurfer, but with a long paddle instead of the sail. This was available all day. Many students just went for a brief paddle during a break. There was no specific dress code, you could wear what you like, no need to get changed. We kept the clothes on that we wore anyway, like shorts or jeans, tee, and often a sweatshirt.

The thrill is in staying dry as long as possible before the inevitable swim. Falling in was the great reward for staying dry. We had fun watching the first group fall in one after the other. Then it was our turn to get wet.

It was exciting to move over the water and we usually fell in at the first turn. I managed to stay up for a few minutes, then took a wrong step and soaked my entire outfit in the pool. Climbing back up in full casual clothes took some effort.

Swim Teams

There were several swimming teams on campus, each with a different approach and training goal, different equipment and clothing requirements. This made a varied swim training possible. I visited these groups regularly.

Fitness Swimmers

This team was also known as the "Jeans Swimmers" because they swam in tees and jeans to build up strength. They said we had to wear fresh and clean clothes for each pool training session. In the mall nearby was a special sale of soft jeans and tee-shirts. We each bought three sets.

Every day at noon they swam 20 lengths to get fit, then relaxed for lunch at the poolside restaurant. Whenever possible we went down to the pool, changed into our jeans and tees under a quick shower before the session.

Tees and jeans are easy to swim in, but when you do many laps it adds up, especially with flippers. The clothes slow you down, the flippers push you forward, and your legs get a powerful workout.

The following week we had to bring sweatshirts as well, to notch up the training. The week after that we had to wear hoodies. Hikaru loves swimming in hoodies. Took me a while to get with it. Huge fun.

Open Water Swimmers

They practised long distance swimming, with an emphasis on endurance training, swimming many lengths to refine their skills. At weekends they often went on camping trips with lots of adventure swimming during the day, and wet sex at night or during breaks.

Some were triathletes who swam and speedsuits or wetsuits. Most others swam in a variety of sportswear or outdoor kit, depending on their training goals. Swimming in clothes was a major part to prepare for open water action.

Hikaru and I joined them for pool practice and the occasional weekend trip. Partner swapping was encouraged which we enjoyed a lot because we made many new friends that way.

The weather on our first trip was very hot. We spend most of the time in wet clothes just to stay cool, even at night. Before bed time we all went into the water in our sleepwear to pick a sleeping partner.

I shared a tent with Li Jin. Instead of a sleeping bag we used a poncho as thin blanket for both of us. We both had big boners as we entered the tent, dripping all over the poncho. It was very exciting to snuggle up and play around in wet clothes. After a while of wet bliss we both shot a lot of cum into our clothes and fell asleep. Maybe I tell you more about this later...

Nature Watch Swimmers

The Nature Watchers didn't swim many lengths, but focussed more on skills, equipment and photography. They met in the pool to talk about lake and sea adventures and how to take wildlife photos. To hide from the animals they always wore camo clothes and ponchos in the water. I often joined their interesting meetings in my poncho and several green or camo clothes.

We practised many skills, like swimming, wading, camouflage, and aquatic photography. Sitting still, aiming a camera, took some practice. I found it necessary to dress up warm, as we didn't move as much as other swim teams. We took many photos, even underwater.

Trying new or different photo kit and clothing in the pool was their main focus. Changing into a variety clothes was good fun. We stripped off naked and then put on the next set of clothes to wear in the water. None of the guys were shy of their boners, and the girls loved it.

Tom asked if cum could be used as fish food to lure them near the camera. We decided to test this theory next time in the lake. All boys were required to contribute to the research. Unzipping their pant's fly would gave a new meaning to fly fishing. The girls were to take photos as scientific evidence. I may report later on that.

Pyjama Swim Team

The Pyjama Swim Team met in the pool at six in the morning for some relaxed swim before breakfast. As the name implied, most swam still wearing their pyjamas, some swam naked. They were a particular happy bunch, always up for naughty fun and games.

One Saturday evening Hikaru and I were invited to a pyjama party and had to bring at least two extra pyjama sets. We soon found out that they were very much into wet bathtub fun and partner swapping. We're cool with that and both spent an exciting night with a new wet friend.

Lars took Hikaru to his room and introduced him at a variety of classic sleepwear, like shorts and tees, ankle long sleep shirts with hood and long sleeves, cotton ponchos, night skirts, silky nylon suits, and onesies. They enjoyed each outfit first until the first precum spot appeared, then they went into the bath for more fun. Hikaru said it was an amazing experience.

I went with Pascal. He made me soak five different types of his sleepwear. I didn't know there was so much variety. After each bath we dried each other off, rolled around on the bed naked and then got dressed in dry pyjamas for the next bath. We didn't get much sleep that night and shot a lot of white stuff several times.

In the morning we all shared the stories in the pool. It was exciting to hear what the others got up to. We were exhausted, but bathing in pyjamas was big fun. Hikaru and I still do this most mornings to clean our sleepwear and get ready for the day by releasing sexual tension.

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