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Water Wars - A Wet Scifi Story

This is a wet sci-fi story from the 38th century by Robbie. Enjoy!

ANz-t1 started the holo-game-adapter and studied the preview imprints of the new extension of 'Time-Youngs', called 'Water Wars'.

Now he was in the experiment, he had finally been able to acquire the code that would start the downloading-sequence. ANz-t1 was very keen on this very extension, because it would play in the most ancient history of them all until now.

He was an enthusiastic amateur holo-archeologist himself and had studied some chunks of information that had survived the holo-net-crash of 2733, which, as you will know, destroyed most communication-grids and basically all stored information that humankind had digitalised, leaving just tantalizing areas that had escaped destruction. Most games were set in recent centuries, where you could create realistic environments 4D, but sometimes someone dove deeper in the past.

ANz-t1 had loved 'Crash-Saviour' where you had to prevent the big crash itself happen. It had taken him weeks to reach the final level and best the viruses that had caused the event.

Also 'Dark Secret', the spying game set during the bloody African Union's rising to exist in the 2380's and several games about the Earth-Mars conflicts in the early 26th century, had given ATz-t1 many hours of thrill.

It took a long time to download the modifications of his holo-suit and the information needed for the adapter to construct the environments and bots this extension needed. The suits were getting better and better.

After playing 'Dark Secret' ANz-t1 always returned to his own room-time sweaty with the African heat, the taste of some spiced food still in his mouth. His feet had felt the sturdy dry grasses he had walked on and his arm had felt painful for a week after he got it hit with some falling bricks while rescuing prince Harolt in the game with that name.

The longer ago an era had been that an holo-environment simulated, the less information that was still available and usable, and it was shimmery at places, getting weaker with age. Before the 21st century the digital information left over was so meagre that the wildest theories were heard about how people and things would have looked like before even that.

After all the year 2000 was now over 18 centuries ago. Many holo-archeologists, very professional or just sniffing around for fun, scanned all those millions of tiny clumbs of saved data for the gold-nuggets of blocks of coherent information, auditive and visual waves, anything to add to what they had already.

ANz-t1 himself just recently turned twenty years old, and it would be less than a decade before his adulthood. Nevertheless he had already isolated and recreated many images and writings left over on the ravaged holo-net.

His cleaning and reconstruction of almost fifteen minutes of a sexual meeting of two young-males (pure young-males, no sin-gens or bi-gens like almost everyone now), recorded somewhere around 2370 had earned him even some recognition in the metier.

It showed the two without all these stretches of thick, opaque material, with which they used to wrap themselves in the olden days, giving the bio-historians a good look at the sexual potency of youngs with just one gender.

Of course sex still exists now, but only a few times in a lifetime, planned for years sometimes. The BBKS has an overflow of sperm and ovulae available to spawn new youngs when we need them, and educator-pairs are always easy to find, so sex has ceased to be necessary for survival and after centuries of genital viruses and gender-modifying it has become the sporadic escape to excitement it is now. To be spawned and educated by your natural creator-adults is a large exception for centuries now.

We know from the scenes available to us, sex would have been a very common thing before 2500. Strangely enough it had the look of it that the people then were rather closed about it. So much as we now show off after a real shack with another real-life person, they closed the curtains, hid in darkness and in certain situations even denied their sex-acts.

In academia ANz-t1 followed 'ancient digital history' and he had seen a lot of the scenes recorded in the 22nd and 23th century, even some bits of the 21st. Everything before that fell under 'prehistory' and was another thing completely.

It looked like the holo-game-cube was about to finish the download finally. ANz-t1 had huge expectations of this extension 'Water Wars'. The story was set in the very beginning of the 3rd milennium.

A team of archeologists had isolated and restarted a huge cluster of undestroyed material and large concentrations of 2D and 3D recorded images and sound had learned them much about common life in that period so they could create some believable environments. A lot still was enigmatic though, and ANz-t1 had volunteered in this experiment.

The weak part of older games had always been the AI of the bots that figured in the unfolding story. They had only so much reactions on his actions and words, so after a while they got predictable, seldom showing some realism in their contacts with him.

A new generation AI was now released in games like this that made the bots not images of a program, but in essence real living organisms created from the DNA-information found in the rescued bits and parts. Only digital of course.

The programmers had engaged ANz-t1 and several other male-youngs and bi-gen-youngs who had studied this era, to try the game and look for anachronisms and inconsequences. Also they hoped the new, very much more complicated AI would from memory-bits in the gen be able to answer to some riddles we had.

Therefore the storyline of the game itself, where you had to prevent the bad guys to blow up a chain of nuclear facilities, was set to the lowest urgency, and the youngs were instructed to mix with the bots to get to know as much as possible from them, and try not to stand out as an outsider.

They were helped by this by the ILT that instantly translated everything from the new universal ANz-t1 spoke to any language spoken in the area he would choose as starting point, and vice versa. It also gave information if availaible if you highlighted anything with a cursor that you could activate in the holo-gloves you wore. Plus sometimes ILT warned you if you did or said things that were known to be not done in your current area / time.

Finally the display of the adaptor-cube indicated the game was loaded and now active, and ANz-t1 stepped in his holo-suit. He left his body-film on, the invisible, undestructable sheet of BaC3Ki-polymer, just one atom thick that is everyone's sole covering of their whole body for ages already.

One of the mysteries he was told to look into was that strange archaic habit of wrapping sheets of organic or synthetic material around people's limbs and bodies. Some pictures showed people laying some small construction on their heads. That was then referred to as 'cap' or sometimes 'hat'.

The researchers wanted to know the purpose of that custom, since around 2000 most people seemed to have found a way to heat their homes and work-places. Plus this custom didn't abate even in the hottest climates history had known.

ANz-t1 had thought up a theory that these clothes were an indication of one's wealth. But lately picture-waves had been retrieved of folks with barely something on, who were nevertheless boasting on an expensive yacht, and the two naked sex-young-males he had rescued from oblivion humped one another in a room that looked posh enough.

On the other hand they had found horror-like minutes of people, dying of hunger, in the warm sun, nevertheless with a lot of sheets wrapped around them. Yet ANz-t1 stuck to his wealth-theory for now, as prehistory already suggested big bosses called 'kings' put a heavy chunk of metal on their heads just to brag that they were the richest.

Level 1: Balkvechten (Dutch Water Jousting)

ANz-t1 closed his holo-suit and it gripped his body, covering every planck-length of skin. It sucked itself to his body and the cyber-vision flickered on. A warm brown male voice that he didn't hear with his ears but immediately in his mind welcomed him and asked him to choose an area where he would start his game.

On a virtual keyboard floating in his vision he typed in some coordinates wich he knew would roughly be in 21st century North-Western Europe. Then the synth-voice told him to enter his name. He did so, but the voice informed him ANz-t1 was not a regular name in that area in the time.


ANz-t1 asked the voice to synthesize his name and search the archives for something similar that was around back then. The cube got over language-lines and cross-overs and found the most similar sounding local name to be Antoine, the 'z' almost disappearing, the '1' becoming the 'oine' pronounced as 'wan'. ANz-t1, or, let's call him Antoine from now on, had noticed this kind of lingual non-logic more in the old languages and hoped to learn to understand these meanders a bit.

Next Antoine was asked to choose a bot-body-type and clothing-style, the last referring to these wrapping-sheets. He was not shy about his own real-life appeareance, so he typed in a command to as much as possible keep his own looks. Like almost everyone now he had a tan brown coulored skin, only a few last resistant 'keltic' gens made him stand out a little with his git-black hair and bright, light-blue eyes. He was well-built and trained, very smooth, with only a shade of pubic hair.

Clothing-style gave him more problems, since the most tags he found in the area at the time didn't mean anything to him.

'Emo'?? 'Grunge'?? What on earth was 'kpop'??

He did need to mix and he thought 'street-style' would be rather safe, so he chose that option.

While his holo-game-cube constructed his looks Antoine mused what challenges lay before him. Mostly the construction in 'Time-youngs' was that you first had to conquer some levels before getting to your real goal, getting used to your bot and training your movements. He hoped he could tackle the first level today.

Then the cyber-vision turned all dark and slowly flickered back on, introducing his bot in the created environment of the first level. He was in some bushes in the suburbs of a city, that looked very early 21st century to him. And indeed his ILT indicated they were in a place called 'the Netherlands' 2016.


Antoine had never been in so early an environment!

He looked down to see his bot-body almost completely covered in clothes. All grabbed his bot-body tightly. On his feet were 2 small white cotton tubes that the ILT indicated as 'enkle-socks'. Around them things made of some synth-leather, like the slippers we use, only all around his feet ('sport-shoes / sneakers' ILT indicated).

Around his waist and down white cotton ('underpants') that grabbed his balls. Over that thightly hugging his legs down to the 'sneakers' a deep-blue fabric ('stretched skinny jeans'). In the frontside of these 'stretched skinny jeans' were three large holes, one halfway his left thigh, and one around both his knees. He hoped this wasn't an error in the data-commands.

Further there were two things on his upper-bot-body: first very white cotton with smears and stripes of black printed on it ('t-shirt') and a shiny green vest-like garment that turned out to be orange-coloured on the inside ('bomberjacket').

His hair was styled in the strangest way: all hair up to ear-height was shaved, and the rather long hair on top of his head combed backwards in strains with some gel. Upon it he had one of these 'caps' white with a black smear on it ('nike-swoosh' ITL indicated, whatever that meant).

Excited he checked his hlog for the briefing of the first level, and it was as he had thought. It said: Follow the street before you until you see a pond on your left side. Win the 'balkvechten'.


'Balkvechten'?? What was that supposed to mean?

A bit nervous despite himself, Antoine went to the road and started following it. The first people he came across gave him a shock: they were all white! And all those different hair-coulors! Of course he knew that humans looked much more varied than in his own time, it was eerie to see it. He hoped he wouldn't look very out-of-tune, but relaxed gradually as no-one seemed to give him a second look. He tried to look cool and as he slowly got used a bit to this walking around in 'clothes' and 'shoes' he saw the indicated pond on his left side, and indeed there was something going on there!

The artificial pond was square-formed, each length maybe 30 meters. On two opposite sides stone steps led into the water, the other two sides grassy slopes. Over the grassy sides a metal pole was constructed, say 25 cm diameter.

Four young young-males sat on the pole, their feet dangling in the pond-water, and they were for some reason busy smearing the pole with a glibbery gel ('green soap').

Antoine had no idea why they did so, since it had the looks that the pole got very glibbery and they gave themself a hard time getting back to the dry land.

Antoine tried once more the ILT for any back-up on 'balkvechten' but it said there were no further translations of it, all that was known was that it was an ancient game and that it involved water.

Duh! He could see that! Did they need a billion credit-technology to figure that out? One of the young-males (guy, boy, boi, ILT was inconclusive) that had shiny white 'clothes' on him that Antoine liked much ('track-suit') just glibbered off the pole into the water, laughing wild and grabbing one of his friend's legs in the same kind of 'track-pants' only blue, thus pulling him into the pond with him.

Appearently the water was deep in the middle and they went under and emerged frolicking and pushing each other under again and again. A large group of boys ('bois'?? 'guys'??) that occupied the stone steps on one side of the pond laughed also and were shouting to the duo in the water.

One of the swimmers tried to haul himself back on the pole, but in doing so made the slippery thing roll so that the two remaining guys glibbered in too. What a strange game. They did all they could to stay dry, but as soon as they fell in the pond they laughed happily.

The fourth boy, the one in the white 'track-suit' swam towards the steps and when he could stand on his feet again, the water thigh-deep, one of the dry boys jumped the steps and walked into the water to greet his friend there. ILT indicated this one's leg-clothes as 'regular-fit-jeans' though Antoine thought them no wider than his own. The boys met each other just over knee-deep, embraced and splashed down and under. More cheers and happy laughter. It looked like fun, but what was this game he had to win?

Then Antoine saw a table on the grass where a boy (boi??) was sitting next to a large sign with a text that ILT translated as: 'Balkvechten here'. Ah! Now we're getting somewhere.

He walked through the gathering crowd to the 'balkvechten'-boy and through ILT-asked him:

"Hi, I need to win the 'balkvechten'. Can you tell me how it works?"

The boy looked up to him and Antoine was instantly hooked. The boy had light-brown hair, almost curled and large, hazel-coulored eyes and it looked like he was hit too. They looked mesmerized in each others eyes for just a second when ILT gave a mild warning and the boy's upperlip curled indeed in a smile.

"You 'need' to win the balkvechten? Says who?"

Antoine understood he had said something strange and asked:

"Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Win it?"

"Yea, sure" the boy said, "but you 'need' to do nothing."

"But how does it go?" Antoine asked. Damnation, the cutest young-male, excuse me, boy he had ever seen, and he blundered like this. The boy laughed again and asked:

"If you don't even know what balkvechten is, why do you 'need' to win it anyway? You are not from around here I guess?"

"No, this is all new to me" Antoine said truthfully. "You look like a sweet 'boy' , can you explain it to me?" Red alert from ILT. And from the boy.

"I look what??"

"Helpful" flashed ILT "Helpful?" flustered poor Antoine.

"Ooohw, okay, yea, that's why I'm here. Well, what do you want to know?"

"How to win the 'balkvechten'".


"Well, you need to be in a team of two, two teams face each other while sitting on that pole there. All four have a pillow, that gets very heavy when you soak it. Then you try to smash your opponents off the pole into the water with it."

"But those young boys just smeared it full of goo, it has become very slippery!" Antoine called.

"Yes, of course" the boy grinned, "it must be a bit challenging, don't you think?"

"And when do I win?"

The other boy laughed more loudly now. "If your team drownes the most opponents, you get to battle a last round between each other."

"So the last boy dry has won?" Antoine insisted "but it seems impossible to stay dry with that gel on the pole."

"Indeed, dry is a bit optimistic, just see that you get to the final round and then hang on to the pole longer then your team-mate. I love your Adidas by the way, are you sure you want to get them soaked?"

"My what?"

"Your Adidas sneakers, dumbo. What do you think?"

'Sneakers', he remembered 'sneakers' . That were the slipper-things on his feet. What 'Adidas' was though...

"No problem" he boasted "that's what they are made for, right?"

A very horny flicker in the boy's hazel eyes, who grinned: "Yea I agree with you, I love to swim in my shoes too. Cool that you like that too"

The cutie really beamed now and stood up from the table and moved his right hand towards Antoine.


"My name is Daan" ('Grip that hand and shake it')

"My name is Antoine." Yes!! This Daan accepted his name as known! That was always a gamble.

"So you wanted to get wet today?" Daan flustered. They still stood their hands clutched and looking into each other's eyes. Then, after a second, they released their hands and Daan said: "Where is your friend?"

"My friend?"

"Yes, with who you will team-up." Damnation.

"I'm alone here"

"But you need to be in a team, otherwise I cannot enter you."

Antoine said nothing, just looked at his 'Adidas'. Damnation.

"Eeyz, don't get sad" Daan said, putting a hand on Antoine's shoulder. "I haven't entered myself for some time now, like to do it again. Would you like us to be a team?"

"Yeeaa wow, really?"

"Yeeaa wow, really" Daan grinned.

Then a gorgeous boy with light-blond curly hair who had come to the table hummed: "I hope I'm not interrupting something nice, but where can i enter the game?"

Daan reddened and said: "Right here, I'll sign you up"

He wrote down two names and told the blond boy it wouldn't be long now till the start. As the boy thanked him a skinny guy with ginger hair yelled something to him and Blondie ran to the guy.

Antoine studied the boy's ass in black 'skinny jeans' that was more holes and rips than 'skinny jeans' and showed his red ('underwear' / 'underpants'). He noticed Daan was watching him gaze and a bit felt embarassed. Luckily more boys came to enter and soon Daan's list was full.

A new group of boys had assembled near the water on one of the grass-slopes and they were trying to pull each other in. A boy with almost the same skin coulor as Antoine was grabbed by his arms and feet and thrown in the water with a loud splash. He emerged and sloshed to the pond-side and with his arms he sent a huge wave of water over the boys nearest to the edge. One of them, in a more baggy 'jeans' that looked very battered and frayed, one huge hole on his left knee and a white 'belt', jumped in thigh-deep after the first one and together they started pulling their friends in too. Soon most of them were in the pond yelling and pulling one other under water.

A boy in a tight red 'tshirt' and dark blue 'skinny jeans' just managed to yell: "Nooo these are my new clothes" before he was dunked. One of the last boys remaining on the dry yelled: "Watch out!" and made a backwards salto that landed him among his wet friends.

As they were watching them, Antoine said to Daan: "I guess they try if the water is cold before starting the game."

Daan grinned his horny grin again and said: "They haven't even entered, they are spectators. Well, nice day for a swim isn't it?"

Then he took some very primitive voice-amplifier and yelled in it: "Enter-list for the balkvechten is full! The game will start at 3pm! Soap-squad to table please!"

He winced at Antoine as the four wet young boys that had smeared the green goo on the pole came running towards them.

"Daan, we made it very slick!" the one in the white 'track-suit' called to them. Antoine now saw that the dripping white ('plastic'?? / 'nylon'??) material plastered around the boy's bot-body and he could see he wore some darker 'clothes' under that.

Another of the four was just removing a water-gushing dirty white organic ('wool') ('jumper'?) revealing a light-blue 'tshirt' with a text that ILT translated as 'Just do it'. "Do what??" wondered Antoine.

"Yea! We've come to collect" the third one in just red 'jeans' with a white 'belt', two dripping 'tshirts' hanging on his shoulder and rather long brown hair hanging in and before his eyes said, trying to look menacingly.

Daan grinned his grin again and said: "Okay gangsters, follow me."

To me he explained that the quartet had helped him this afternoon with the preparations and now they were in for an icecream treat. "You want some too?"

"Yea, sure" Antoine shuttered ('icecream, soft cold snack, sweet').

The six went to a shop-like place facing the pond where Daan entered asking to Antoine: "What's your taste?"

Antoine reddened. "Eueuh, young-ma... eueueh I mean I like boys, or bois"

This time Daan went down on the ground for laughter "Yeeaaa, I figured that out already. Hahaa silly, taste in icecream of course."

"Eueuh, sorry, eueuh... I"ll take what you'll have."

"No need for "sorry" dude, very refreshing, your honesty. Boy, where are you from?"

Antoine didn't think it wise to answer that last question.

As Daan came out of the 'icecream' shop again he handed the "soap-squad" some small brightly coulored balls and they dashed off back pond-wards. What he had left for himself and Antoine didn't look so tasteful: the same kind of small balls, but these were a brownish black.

"Hope you like chocolate" he smiled, taking a small bit off his own 'icecream' and then licking his upperlip very eroticly.

Antoine nodded emphatically, despite his doubts, looking at the dark muck, but when he cautiously took a small nibble he found he had never before taste something this good. It was sweet with a hinge of bitter and melted in his mouth.

They walked back to the table near the pond where a guy sat waiting for Daan.

"I see you enlisted yourself this afternoon" the guy said when they reached the table.

"Thought it time to try again. Got to keep in shape and such, hehe. Say hello to Antoine. Antoine, this is Johan, a friend who is also in the organisation of this game" ('give his hand a shake').

"Good luck, I can handle it from here, do your worst" Johan said, "I'll announce the start any minute now. Did you bring spare clothing?"

"No, I hadn't planned participating at all" Daan said looking over his blue 'jeans' and black 'tshirt' .

"Did you bring any spare clothes?" he asked Antoine who of course said no.

"Aaahw WTF," Daan said. "Who cares? Let's roll!" (roll??)

They went to the pond where some boys were standing knee-deep near the edge.

"Are you going to wear your bomberjacket too in the water?" Daan asked incrediously, oh so slightly caressing Antoine's green shiny armsleeve for just a second.

"Yea, shouldn't I?" Antoine asked, already starting to unzip the jacket.

"Nooo, don't take it off, it's cool to keep it on!" Daan shouted. "Wait, I'll get mine too!" and he ran back to the table.

While he was waiting for Daan to come back, he saw the beauty with the blond curles and his ginger mate standing next to him. He saw that the redhead secretly wriggled a few fingers into a rip the blond one had in his 'skinny jeans' just above the right back-pocket and heard him fluster:

"Eeeeyz, Floris, look at that hottie there, I hope he'll participate too."

With his eyes Antoine furtively followed their gaze towards a boy, darker than himself, wading knee-deep in the pond, his blue 'track-suit' still dry from his thighs up.

"Boyspotting?" he heard flustering near his ear. Daan had come back, now wearing a blue/red/white ('baseball-jack') unzipped over his black 'tshirt'. Antoine blushed.

"Me? Noo I was just watching that beautiful boy there," he said.

Daan grinned "Who are you, beautiful stranger??" he wondered, again stroking his hand over Antoine's bomberjack. "How do you like my jack?"

Antoine just stared at the shiny thing and mumbled "Beautiful..."

"Here, feel it" Daan said, taking Antoine's hand, brushing it softly over the front of the baseball jack.

"Beautiful...." Antoine mumbled again.

The romantic moment was spoiled at once by some shouts and pulling in the crowd and some boys falling in the pond. The bucket with the left-over ('green soap') had been found by some rascals who had started throwing the slimy stuff around by the handsfull.

A guy in a white ('soccershirt, worn when playing 'soccer', an ancient game involving a ball') got a handfull of it splashed against him. He tried to smear it off his 'soccershirt' but only managed to rub it in and spread it all over his front, where it started to foam. He shouted something intelligent like "Whaaa" and dove into the water.

More soap-splattered boys followed him into the pond so that around them a layer of foam started to build up. One of them had found a slimy waterplant and put that on his dark hair so it hang before his eyes, the 'green soap' and pond-water gushing out of his black ('hoody') into his 'jeans'.

Meanwhile, on the dry, the boys that had started the soap-fight had been identified. All the left green goo was gushed out over them, rubbed in their clothes by many hands and then screaming with thrill and laughter they were dunked in the pond. What a mess.

At least a dozen dirty soap-dripping boys climbed onto the dry and spreading areas of soap in the grass wherever they set foot, making it so slippery, that some more glibbered down in the wet soapy grass. One boy glibbered on till he landed in the water and thus a slip-and-slide was born.

"Aaahw no," Daan moaned. "Three guesses who has to clean up all that mess tonight"

"Johan?" Antoine opted, which earned him another fat grin from Daan.

The first two duos went to their opposite pond-shores, grabbed a pillow and sat themselves down on the pole. Cautiously they moved themselves toward the centre of it, hauling their pillows through the water with them. By the time the four reached contact-distance they were already drenched up to their waist. Antoine studied the ass of the boy on the rear-end and saw his butt and legs clearly stand out in his dark shiny 'jeans'.

He felt something stir in his own 'skinny jeans' and was shocked when he looked down and saw his dick clearly moving in the fabrics around it. Immediately he started to look around proudly if anyone noticed, but then remembered the shyness about sex in these days, so it seemed wiser to cover his boner with his 'bomber-jacket'. A second too late though...

Daan had noticed and pushed his own hard-on against Antoine's leg for just a second.

"Enjoying yourself?" he flustered in Antoine's ear, who grinned broadly and nodded his head emphatically.

In the meantime the team on Antoine's side of the pole had clashed both their opponents into the pond with their pillow and cautiously were working themselves back to the shore over the glibbery pole, though they too had gotten completely soaked during the battle. The two losers splashed around a bit and then lowered themselves into the swallow foamy soap-water near the steps with the soap-fighters. There they would watch the next fights.

The winners had managed to climb back ashore without falling in, only to be tackled by a few of their friends and getting dunked on the spot. The 'dark jeans'-boy grabbed one of his friend's arms while falling in, thus dragging him in with him. Sparring and laughing they climbed back out, completely covered in foamy soap. The other boy from the losing team tackled the two and they glibbered in the soap-wet grass, a mock-fighting tangle of boys.

Meanwhile the 'soap-squad' had mounted the pole and within a few seconds the team consisting of the boy in the white 'track-suit' and the one in the red 'jeans' who had put back on his two 'tshirts', had the other two swimming. They didn't bother to try to stay up but glided in as well, using their pillow like a floater to swim back to the shore.

"Cool!" yelled the last one, climbing out of the pond and watching his shiny red 'jeans' sticking to his legs.

"Come, we're on," Daan said touching Antoine's hand just a sec. They walked to the pole and saw two boys facing them on the other side. One had strawblond hair and a red 'tshirt' and white 'skinny jeans' and red/ white 'sneakers' on his feet. The other had black hair, black 'jeans' and a very wide white 'tshirt' .

"They don't look very strong, we can take them." Daan said and grabbed one of the wet pillows that lay on the ground. "Here, you take this pillow and go first. I'll steady you in your back."

Antoine sat himself down at the water's edge, stuck his black 'Adidas' into the water and mounted the pole. Immediately his 'stretched skinny jeans' were drenched and to his surprise his dick throbbed against the wet fabrics. He shifted his weight a little and felt the 'jeans' cling to his butt and would have glibbered into the pond if Daan hadn't grabbed him and sat down behind him, pushing his body against Antoine's back.

Into the Water

"Come on, let's get them," Daan said and they wriggled themselves toward the center of the pole. Their opponents did the same, the boy in the red 'tshirt' facing Antoine, his friend behind him. Antoine couldn't help inspecting the white 'skinnies', he could see right through them. They revealed a red 'boxershort' with the same kind of excitement as his own therein.

"Get them! Hit him!" Daan yelled and Antoine smashed his pillow into the boy opposite him who glibbered away and took his friend with him into the pond.

"Yeaeaeah!!" Daan yelled, making a wild move that made him capsize on the pole. He grabbed Antoine's leg for support, but only managed to get them both dunked too.

"We beat them!" he yelled emerging. Antoine had the most sensational feeling when the pond-water rushed into his 'clothes'. A large bubble of air had been trapped in his 'bomber-jacket' so he thought he must look a little like a whale or so. Antoine and the 'white skinnies' boy clashed their hands high in the air.

Getting Close

"Come," Daan said "Let's watch the game from there" pointing to a very large willow-tree that hanged over the pond, branches bent till they reached the water-surface.

They swam there and sat down in the water with their backs touching the shore. They were completely hidden in the greenery, sitting chest-deep in the water. Daan smiled very sweetly and very tenderly brushed a wet strain of black hair from Antoine's forehead. Antoine felt Daan's other hand enter his 'bomber-jacket' and caressing his 'tshirt'. With his hand he caressed Daan's knee that was just above the water-surface.

"You're so cute" Daan flustered and brought his lips just before Antoine's. Antoine put his other arm around Daan and pushed his lips against Daan's.

"Sweet beautiful Daan," he whispered and they kissed again.

Antoine moved his hand from Daan's knee slowly deeper along his upper-leg towards where he felt Daan's stiffie through his 'jeans'. Daan turned himself and lay himself on top of Antoine, riding their hard-ons through their 'jeans', their legs entangled. And when Daan's pelvis started to jerk in spasms he simultaniously felt himself shoot a huge load in his 'boxershorts'.

"Auauaw, what are you doing to me, beautiful stranger" Daan whispered. "Don't you dare leave me now that I've found you... Heey why the fright?"

Antoine swallowed. Leaving Daan....

As soon as he would have won the 'balkvechten' he would flash to the next level and never see Daan again....

"What's wrong, Twannie? We can see each other tomorrow can we?"

Antoine didn't know what to say...

"Can we??" Daan insisted.

But then again, if he never entered the 'balkvechten' finale, he wouldn't finish this level, better said: he wouldn't have to leave Daan....

"There are some things I suppose I must tell you" he flustered. "But not now. I cannot yet tell you why, but we must quit the 'balkvechten' now"

"Why, Twannie? What has that to do with..."

"Please trust me in this" Antoine almost cried. "I need to do something first, I will explain to you soon. But if you want to see us together tomorrow we must quit now!"

He embraced his friend and kissed him deeply.

"But why? I don't understand... Twannie, are you in some trouble?"

"No! Not like that!"

Antoine stood up, water gushing out of his now dark-green 'bomber-jacket'.

"Let's get away from here now! Let's get us some more of that 'icecream' and show me your town!"

"Dripping and all?" Daan asked and stood up too.

But Antoine was already climbing out of the pond. Daan followed him, shaking his head.

"I'll tell Johan I have a headache and need to go home. He won't like it..."

The boys spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the cute old town where Daan lived, drying up bit by bit after they had put their jackets in a sunny place to dry. Then Daan had to go home.

"Well beautiful, will we see each other tomorrow?" Daan asked in a little voice.

"Yes!" Antoine said, "We'll meet at the pond in the morning, and then I'll tell you more".

They kissed deeply and didn't notice the whistles they got.

"So tomorrow morning then?"

"Yes, tomorrow morning."

Daan went home, turning around for a wave many times.

Antoine went back to his starting point to get out of this level-world of Daan. He unhooked his holosuit but left the game-cube running, so that when he would re-enter tomorrow, also in Daan's world would have passed one night.

Then Antoine (ANz-t1 I mean) looked down his body-flim and saw an enormous stain sticky grey-white on the inside around his dick. He whooped of pride and joy. He whispered towards the game-cube: "I love you, sweet Daan. I'll see you again tomorrow".

ANz-t1 jumped up and ran to his father to show him the fresh sperm-stain and tell him about his ejaculation; already his third this year! Man would his dad be proud of his fertile son!

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