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Psychology of Balance

Some think this is just "mad science", but one of the main benefits is in the way we can free people from sexual guilt and shame, allowing them to embrace and confidently love and enjoy their natural passion and sensuality.

Profound sexual experiences begin with a balanced emotional state that comes from deep relaxation and release from mental limitations. For unlimited experiences and bliss you need to leave limitations behind. Your entire being should be free to feel blissful. Pleasure can be enjoyed more on a full body level.

Breathing and Brain Waves

Sexual meditations using breathing and energy awareness, especially when coupled with sensual or sexual arousal, have been measured to consistently produce alpha and theta brain wave shifts more significantly and rapidly than any other traditional or non-technological method. Mastering these techniques will transform not only your sex life to the highest states of ecstasy possible. The benefits are extensive and powerful.

Healthy Development

It should be noted that masturbation is considered a "normal" process in sexual development and maturity, often beginning at a young age when we 'happen' upon the pleasures of masturbation.

Most people learn to have their first orgasms through masturbating or playing around. Evidently masturbation holds a certain cornerstone in the physiological and psychological sexual development.

An authority on the physiological benefits of masturbation, James Weinrich states:

"Experiments in primates show that if this sexual rehearsal play is interfered with, the result can be an adult who cannot or does not function sexually as well as other individuals who were permitted such play."

Source: Sexual Landscapes, James Weinrich, 2013, p. 244.

A New Form of Sex Therapy

The role of masturbation in one's life can have dramatic psychological benefits. A new form of sex therapy has enabled people to replace harmful substance addictions by forcing themselves to masturbate daily.

This act transfers the pleasure stimulus to an activity that is healthy and can lead to an intimate relationship with others

Source: ESO, Extended Sexual Orgasm, by Alan Brauer, M.D. and Donna Brauer, 2001, p. 48.

Psychological Benefits of Masturbation

Releases mood-elevating hormones that help ward off depression and lead to more happiness.

Releases sexual tension and often produces a pleasant, tranquil feeling.

Transmutes your sexual energy to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Directs, utilises and focuses your sexual energy for success in your work, relationships and in the world.

Helps a person become more comfortable with their own sexuality.

Curbs impulses to have inappropriate sex with someone.

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